A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Race through levels in this unconvential FPS where all shots must be bounced! Made in one week for N8JAM (With Wannibe Manisha) 2021.

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run the .exe


BounceShot 1.0.zip 30 MB
BounceShot 1.0 Linux.zip 48 MB


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This is a great idea and a great twist on the FPS! I really liked the puzzle elements of the game. 

In fact, I actually found the action parts of the game a bit tedious. Perhaps I just didn't have the bounce intuition or maybe its because I haven't played a lot of games in the FPS genre, but I found the combat to be quite difficult and found that combat boiled down to me randomly shooting around until the bubble finally hit, and I wasn't sure which shot actually dealt the killing blow. 

The part that I really liked was taking the time to figure out how exactly to angle my shot for the level switch. I think I personally would've enjoyed it more if that was all there was to the game. I was imagining that it could be really cool if the game throws you into the role of an assassin with a "bounce shot sniper rifle", and the level is you planning your approach to hit your target while remaining out of view.

Another thought: I wonder if it'd be more fun as a player if the trajectory of your shot was "casted" so you could see it before firing. Not sure if you played with that and that made it too easy.

One last thought: one nice way to break up the intro text would be to break it up into bullets rather than one full paragraph. I think it just makes it a little more consumable as a player.

Anyway, this game made me imagine a lot and is a really awesome concept! Nice work!