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After 100 years of construction the Titan Spear is ready. Tribes from every corner of the world stand in file, ready to collectively thrust the titanic weapon into Zoi'Vouno "The Living Mountain". This will not be the first attempt at slaying the wretched beast, but if the spirit and fury of the people are maintained, it may be the last.

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and open the .exe


Final.zip 22 MB


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This is really cool! Having to chant, dodge rocks, collect things and pierce the heart really made for a challenge! I really liked the chanting and once I got into a groove, it felt really good. I liked how there was generally a pattern to the chanting (with a few mix-ins for challenge).

I think it might have been cool if you're encourage to chant in-time with the drum for a bonus, or penalty if you don't, but I think I found myself in my own natural cadence anyway.


Chanting in time was definitely the original idea, but alas was left on the cutting floor for scope management. Maybe I'll revisit and make it more like a primal Guitar Hero.

This game had my eyes bouncing back and forth between the middle and bottom of the screen as a frantically tried to defeat Voi'Vouno!

Sometime's I'd get into a trance-like state while somehow managing the chant while dodging stones with my mouse.  I played it a few times and got close to beating the game.  Maybe with a  few more tries, I'd have been able to beat it.  I think it's a difficult game without being too difficult.  Something you can easily start and with a bit of practice get the mastery of.

Cool concept!  I enjoyed it.

The trance like state is what I was hoping to do to people lol. Trying to get them in that flow state.