A horse ranch strategy game. Made in 48 hours for LD 49. 
-Remember to put all your horses in the stable before clicking the doors (Forgot to put that in the intro text)

Please consider rating on the Ludum Dare Page: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/49/unstabled

Install instructions

Unzip file and click Unstabled.exe


Unstabled v1.2.zip 22 MB
Linux Unstabled.zip 39 MB


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A fun, interesting, unique strategy game! I think it particularly shines because of its charm - the music, clopping of the horses and nicknames all help to create a relaxing feel and I felt attached to my horses.

Some interesting drawbacks with the bushes, fences, and horses getting in each others' way.

And I quite liked the game art.

I think a couple of things that would've been helpful (I know you were probably very crunched on time, being a game jam):

- Tutorial levels that slowly introduce mechanics and number of horses

- Labeling horse attribute above them, so you don't have to click on them to see, like the way you did the arrows

And one fun little thing would've been to be able to nickname the horses yourself, to further personalize the game and provide attachment to your pets.

Overall, awesome stuff!